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So How Do I Install a registered version of Windows on a Computer!

Have you ever tried to install Windows o a PC that already has a version of Windows or another OS on it that is registered.

This is a nightmare. Windows may not install or even be recognized.

So what do I do if I buy a computer or need to install another version of Windows or even another OS such as Linux?

The best solution is to uninstall Windows and wipe the drive completely and then install the new software.

Unfortunately Windows registers to Hardware components and is proprietary to avoid being pirated.

Back before all the copy write laws change and the Napster scandal we did not have this problem and all you had to do is overwrite the file. Linux can be dual booted and many other OS can be installed using Virtual Machine Software. I would not recommend this on a system you buy from a pawn shop or from an individual . It is better to use your own software or a fresh copy for security purposes than to use preinstalled software unless you trust the individual.

If you have further questions or Comments feel free to contact us at anytime.


Trent Rindoks

C.E.O / Senior I.T. Specialist Hades 1 Solution L.L.C


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