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(What Genesis Chapters 1-11 teach us regarding the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and civilization and the way it has changed my view of the world.)

In this essay I will summarize what Genesis teaches us about the natural world, our human identity, and our relationships.  I will cover the origin of civilization. I will then, conclude with a synopsis on how Genesis has changed my world view-point.

What does Genesis teach about the natural World?

Genesis teaches that in the beginning God created the Earth, all the planets and the universe and that the Earth was formless and dark and was made up of water. His Spirit hovered over the water. God then created light and separating the light and dark into day and night. Saying He also created the Morning and the Evening thus, Concluding the first day of Creation.

On the Second day, God created the sky and dry land and all the vegetation.

On the Third day God created the seasons, days and years. He also created the Sun, the moon and the Star

Next God created animals, and on the Sixth day he made man in his own image. The man was named Adam and was given dominion over every creature.  God informed him he may eat from every plant and every tree except for the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Proving to Adam (and now Mankind) how God will provide for our daily needs.

What does Genesis teach about Human Identity?

Genesis teaches that man was made in the image of God and that Woman was created from man to serve as his companion.  Genesis also teaches that man needs a dependency on God for left to his own desires and the inherit nature of Sin he will destroy himself.

What does Genesis teach about Human Relationship?

Genesis teach us that God quickly realized Adam was lonely and in need of a companion. After a suitable one could not be found among the animal kingdom, God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep and from one of his ribs created woman. In Genesis 2:23(NIV) man says to God “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man.”  In the living insight Bible Charles R. Swindoll points out “ Here are four timeless one word principles from Scripture that give a marriage (as well as a family) its strength: Severance, Permanence, Unity, and  Intimacy.” [i]

Another point illustrated in Genesis is Man’s deceitful nature. This first appears when Adam and Eve are hiding from God when they realize they are naked after eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Then Adam blames Eve for causing him to eat the fruit, and Eve blames the Serpent. Instead of each being accountable for their respective sins the both try to shift the blame or use deception to avoid facing the possible consequences of their actions.

The first ever recorded murder is a result stemming from jealousy when Cain kills Abel when his sacrifice is not seen as priced in the eyes of God. This serves as a powerful reminder of both the danger of jealousy and the power of pride.

The two main themes outlined in Genesis in regards to human nature are we all are inheritably sinful creatures and that since God loves us in spite of what we have done. We should thus, forgive the transgressions of other people and treat those around us with the same kindness and dignity God shows unto us.

Genesis then continues on to explain that as man became more   corrupt he was forced to destroy the world in a great flood. Only Noah and his family, and two of every unclean and 7 of every clean animals were spared. This is the first mass baptism in history as God cleanse the world of sin and once again shows us God’s grace as he spares those who serve him faithfully from the flood.

What does Genesis teach us about Civilization?

Genesis teaches us that Civilization began with Adam and Eve near the Tigris and Euphrates River in what is now present day Iraq.    Originally, man lived in harmony with God and all creatures of the world in the Garden of Eden and would have had eternal life sustained by the Tree of Life. However, Once Adam and Eve made the decision to taste The Fruit of Knowledge they were separated from God and cast out of the Garden of Eden. Man was to work the earth for his Sin and woman was to endure the pains of childbirth as a reminder of her transgression against God.

Eventually the first age of man became corrupt .All but Noah and his dependents were destroyed.  Noah had three sons Ham, Japheth and Shem and from these sons all the nations of the world come to exist.

From Ham the Hamites came into being. The Hamites settled Cush, Egypt Assyria, Babylon and Philistine.

From Shem descended the Semites.  These people settled Mesha to Sepharin the eastern hillside and Ur. (Possibly India)From this clan Abram was born and later the nation of Israel would come to prominence paving the way for the House of David and the come of Christ.

From Japheth would come the Japhethites a maritime people who would later become the Phoenicians, Greeks, and other people of the Mediterranean Sea.

In what way has Genesis Changed my world viewpoint?

Genesis Has expanded my view of the world by allowing me to realize that even from the beginning God’s Grace was present. God, predicted the coming of Christ from Woman, it edified my beliefs from my studies of ancient civilization by giving Biblical accounts to support that man originating from the Fertile Crescent.  Genesis also further will allow me to disprove the myth of the Big Bang Theory.  Although personally, I still hold to the notion that dinosaurs did not walk the Earth with Man but are from a different Era and hold fast to carbon dating method and Archeology. I plan to use these tools as methods for Evangelism and reasoning. Also, I never noticed in my studies of Scriptures before that 7 clean animals were taken onto the Ark. My thought on this is God provided enough clean animals for sacrifice while leaving two of each species for mating purposes as not to lead to the extinction of any species. Once again showing us how God truly has everything thought out well advance for us. Once in a While, All one needs to do is simply stay out of his way and let his plans happen. As hard as it may seem his Will shall be done no matter what we try.  However due to our stubbornness, and the true nature of Sin itself we complicate life.


In God’s Peace.

Trent Rindoks


















[i] Charles R. Swindoll. The living Insight Study Bible(Grand Rapids:Zondervan,1996): 7


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  1. Trent I think you did a wonderful job summing up genesis 1-11. You put great emphasis on the chapters and made it easier for me to understand just what genesis 1-11 was talking about. Thanks so much for the info, I look forward to seeing more of your essays.


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