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Parallels between Trent Rindoks and Joseph:

Like Joseph my road to come to serve the lord has be paved with many obstacles.

I am the eldest of three children from a Christian based family. My father is a retired military officer and we moved around frequently. Although this gave me the chance to experience many cultures it led me to be somewhat of a withdrawn and shy child.

I was picked on as a child as I was not an excellent athlete and was more inclined to academic pursuits, although I was a fair soccer player and ran cross country until 10th grade.

Unlike Joseph my home life with siblings was great. However I felt the world was against me and I did not fit in. I have always had a dislike for injustice and intolerance and was plagued with a temper and short fuse, which I have learned to control as I have aged, but was a source of many conflicts early in life. I could never seem to remain quiet or not react to an outrage or sense wrong doing.

Around the age of twelve I began feeling like an outcast and less friends. I withdrew into listening to heavy metal and alternative music. I started embracing the culture of my favorite bands and the lifestyle of the bands and eventually fell into the wrong crowd. I do not blame music for my-self-imposed prison or my depression but the view society had on fans of the music at the time led me to be labeled as a devil worshiper and to come under persecution.  In fact during high school it was the opposite. I was active in my church and in several social programs but the harassment I faced only fueled my anger.  Also, around my 20th birthday a friend of mine was involved in a murder suicide and I and his family were blamed and condemned by the minister of our church after this event I became angry with God and explored various philosophies and religions as I was sure that if Jehovah was God he was done with me.  I also became addicted to drugs and alcohol and battled with Manic Depressive disorder for many years.

I illustrate the above to show how the persecution of those closest to you could push even the most devoted over the edge.

Like Joseph God was always present. He delivered me from my imposed prison of addiction, allowing me to rededicate my life to Christ in 2004 and to even be restored from mental illness. He graced me with an inheritance from my great uncle allowing me to rebuild my finances and to help build a church in Hampton VA thus, much like Joseph I was graced the birthright of his father. However , I did not gain my by deception[i]  “he has provided numerous talents and careers over the years and has recently called me to serve him by transferring to Liberty and switching my major from Computer Science to Religion in hopes of entering into ministry.   Like Joseph my family has been reunited under the banner of God.  Most importantly, my experiences positive and negative have over the years allowed me to bring others to know Christ and spread love to the world and he has blessed me with a wonderful wife. What more could one ask for. To those that doubt the existence of God today I only laugh after praying. For today I know the Power of God, Christ and Spirit is present and real and is available for those that seek sometime even to those that do not.

Take God with You,

Trent Rindoks

[i] “First sell me your birthright insisted Jacob (Genesis 25:31)”Hindson,ED.The Courageous Faith Life Lessons From Old Testament Heroes pg.36.Chattanogga,TN:AMG Publishers,2003


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