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Where is God Today?


Many people are falling away from Christianity and becoming secularized and even stating that religion in general is an outdated concept.  Skeptics, agnostics and atheist alike would state that in a world plagued with war, disease, famine and strife and atrocity how could God exist? On the other side Christians would argue that the ends of days are dawning and Christ will be returning shortly to judge the non-believer for their sins. One may read in the Book of Revelations and the Minor Prophets and see many parallels with the prophecies of the Last days and our present society. However, this can be said for Mankind for other centuries as well. So the question is Where is God today and is there and active God in contemporary society?

The God of Post-Modern Society

Who is the God of Christianity to Postmodern Man? Does he differ from the God of the Old and New Testament?  What is the role of miracles and what tools can an Evangelist use to reach non-believers today? How can we answer the claim against miracles to the skeptic?

The active persona of God in this age is the Holy Spirit although within the total aspect of God all three personas are equal, capable of performing similar function but slightly inferior in status. All are one substance and thus are one essential part of a whole being.  The Holy Spirit serves primarily as the comforter, protector, giver of gifts and inspiration, and messenger as well as is responsible for the process of transformation from creature back to creation once one accepts Jesus Christ as One’s Lord and Savior.

In regards to the nature of evil one can separate such events into two categories natural occurrences and those originating from the sins of mankind.  Natural occurrences are such things as wildfires, floods, hurricanes, diseases, famine, and acts of science that can be reasoned and rationalized as normal environmental events. Those originated from sin would include any evil preconceived by an individual or society such as murder, war, rape, robbery and corruption to name a few. To the skeptic on this point one would need to have to develop a good defense on how God is benevolent and did not create evil. This concept is known as a theodicy and many are available to choose from. A simple theodicy is as such God is good. There are an infinite number of worlds with finite properties. It was in God’s ability to create the world and he chose to such a thing. There are an infinite number of alternate worlds some by their nature inherently evil and thus not created by God. This world was created by God and is good.

In the Old Testament the active force of God was the Father and he was the creator and judge who sent his son to die for a sinning World as a sacrifice. In The New Testament we learn of the life of Jesus and the moral code we should live by. WE learn about the cost of salvation and that all we need is to believe and repent and we are guaranteed forgiven of our transgressions and admittance into the Kingdom of Heaven. Up to the time of Pentecost Jesus was the active God of this period of History but still is an active part of our lives today. He intercedes on our prayers, forgives sins and heals the sick and performs miracles just as he did when in human flesh and will do in the second coming. As mentioned above this is but a partial list of the glorious powers of Christ and one should not separate God From Christ our Spirit as all of the same substance and equal.

What are miracles? The best definition of a miracle would be an event of divine origin not defendable by scientific theory. An example from the Bible would be the account of the disciples’ speaking in tongues during Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descends upon them to witness to Jerusalem. As none of the disciples had any previous knowledge of the languages spoken or any formal education and several hundred observed this event how one can dismiss such an account! Accounts of miracles today can be used to open the eyes of non-believers but these miracles must be validated. A skeptic will use science to try to disprove the existence of God and the miracle. A god example should come from a miracle of medicine or science such as the creation of the universe backed up with Leibniz Proof or a miracle of modern medicine such as the disappearance of a life threatening disease when all medical options failed. Other tolls useful to converting non-believers to Christ are brief testimonies, acts of friendship and charity. Love understanding, respect and caring is all it takes sometimes to plant the seed and bring someone to Christ.

In God, Christ, and Spirit,

Trent Rindoks










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  1. God is the same place that He’s always been: the life force that animates all living creatures.


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