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Trenton Rindoks

Liberty University




Whether one believes the universe originated from an instantaneous explosion that split subatomic particles and created the first atom or God created the first man and then spilt this first Adam to create Eve an Intelligent Designer must be present and can be proven using simple mathematics. For  and. Thus, some prime factor must be in the equation for the universe and life to begin. The most likely prime number would be 3(which would be factored to 3= 3, 1) as in composition of an atom is equal to three parts: the nucleus, electrons and protons and in the begin God is present as on being composed of three forms in a homoousios state, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1, NIV, 1984).”

Another common argument between the Creationist and the Evolutionist is the age of the Earth and Universe. Fundamental Creationists hold to the believe that the earth and universe was created in a six day 24 hour period and all of creation is @ 6,000 years old(+2000) where as those who rely on science hold that the universe is @ 13.8 billion years old (Dewitt, 2012). A common misconception is that Earth is the center of the universe or that the sun is the center of the solar system. According David A. Dewitt, quoting from Stephen Hawkins in his book A Briefer History of Time, “The universe appears to be moving away from us and appears to be universally the same in whichever direction one looks a conclusion can be drawn that Earth is the center of the universe. However and alternate theory would suggest that this would be a universal truth from other positions in other galaxies as well (Dewitt, 2012).” Also Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relative has proven that the speed of light is absolute but time is not. Thus a paradox would occur in the space-time continuum if an astronaut was to travel at the speed of light leaving earth on a trip lasting a few years and then return to find many years had passed upon his return. Also, Einstein in his Theory of General Relativity proved Time is affected by gravity since space-time is curved and not flat, thus gravity is affected by the movement of heavy objects across such a warped space (Dewitt, 2012).  However, as the Pioneer 10-1 Space Probes which were launched in the 1970’s and left our Galaxy has slowed down for no apparent gravitational influence begging Astronomer’s to wonder how such an occurrence can happen? Creationist use this has proof that the Big-Bang Theory and Expanding Universe Theory is questionable however a more reasonable explanation is different galaxies and even universes operate on a different set of parameters.

One can use a theodicy view to explain Creation and the universe. The following is the Basis of the free-will or Augustine view and will be presented as it is in lines with the view presented in the Book of Genesis. (1.) God is under no obligation to create a world for his own existence as God is omnipresent. (2.) However, creating a world/universe is a rational thing for God to do. Creation was done so based on reason and the laws of the universe are not obligated to the laws of reason as God is omnipotent. (3.) God created an infinite number of Worlds, some evil and some Good but as God by his nature could not create those which are inherently evil some external cause must have cause them to become such a way. There are more than one possible good worlds/universes created by God. (4.) God was free to Choose whichever of the good realms he so desires (Elwell, 2001).  For those who still wish to argue the point of God and evil in creation one can simply state evil is the result of The Fall of humankind in response by Adam and Eve’s choice to partake from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. AS a result for our first ancestors’ disobedience the environment became hostile, we became subjectable  to errors of judgment or false assumptions which lead to sin or “evil, our spirit was separated from God resulting in death or the separation of A likeness of God and man must work the earth and  women must suffer the pains of childbirth  . However a promise of restoration and reconciliation through the offspring of Eve a Savior will be born to deliver us from sin and death and restore us in Spirit and to the image of God (Genesis 3 NIV, 1984). Also, by using both the theodicy and science on could conclude the days in Genesis may actual be Days in Heaven and not on Earth as God is the Narrator of the Creation story. A further point of contention often cited Among Biblical Creationist and Evolutionist is the supposed dual creation of the sun on day 1 and day 4 in the Book of Genesis. This can be explained with theodicy as well as day 4 does not in the mention of celestial bodies refer to the sun and moon but celestial beings or angels of light and dark which are a necessary part of creation particular the Fall of Lucifer and the Temptation of Eve which is necessary to create Evil or Sin.

Evolutionist also argues all life originated from a single cell organism and all man has a common ancestry to apes as can be proven by our closest relative the chimpanzee. However, Humans have 23 Chromosome pairs and Chimpanzees pairs have 24 and although some common genes are found in both creatures if one was to attempt to splice such genetic material into the host of on creature of either type the body would either reject such a mutation or the subject would be unable to pass such mutations on to successive generation proving such evolution is impossible (Dewitt, 2012).

Fossil records are often used to proof creation. One method used is carbon dating. A recent study on the reliability of carbon dating concluded in a study on zircon crystals and the rate uranium present decays to lead that the crystals would have a half- life of 4.5 billion years. However using another means of testing the age of the crystal measuring the amount of Helium present the age was concluded to be 6,000 years old. For the creationist this proofs that indeed the Earth is of a Young age and science is wrong. However, it possible that different elements decay at different rates and yet it is true carbon dating is subjective to the premise the earth is billions of years old this alone does not in its self-prove the Earth is young. Further data would be needed by either side to prove the actual age of the Earth. As creation science is historical science whether assumptions are based on Biblical views or scientific theory it all comes down to a matter of faith and one’s worldview. To best define a worldview point I will offer the following definition. A world view is the accumulation of observation, knowledge, personality, social, environmental  and personal moral variables, and a personal faith system (whether based on science, theology or ethic) which defines the thinking and actions of a particular individual and may have some shared commonality with others but is unique to each individual and is constantly modified as each individual matures. Thus, each individuals view on creation may share some commonality to others but may be subjective to some unique perspectives as well. To illustrate such a point three friends were interviewed on creation and the information as well as my response to each is listed in the next section of this essay.


Three Interviews on Creation

Interview 1

My first friend’s view on creation holds the Book of Genesis is a literal narrative of Creation and thus is based on a biblical worldview. I myself believe the days are presented in Genesis from God’s perspective and based on proximity with Heaven being the center of Creation and thus, the current age of the Earth and Universe is Millions of Years. I believe God created life in stages and we do not share a link with any other plant or animal. In response to the question on death I believe it is meant to represent a separation of spirit or a cutting off from God which is returned when one accepts Christ into one’s life and is the result of the fall.

How long are the days in Genesis 1?

The days in the entire Creation story as told in Genesis is exactly 24 hours in length. God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th.

How old is the earth and Life?

Life is approximately 6-10,000 years old depending on which method is used. The church fathers, Usher and other differ on the actual date of initial origin.

Did Man and Apes share a common Ancestor?

No by evolutionary standards but yes theologically as all Life is from the Father the, Word (Christ) and the breath of God (Spirit).

Were Adam and Eve real People?

Yes they are the first to people on earth whom all humanity originates.

 Interview 2

My second friend believes Genesis is a parable and is simply a creation story which gives credit to God. Although this individual holds a Christian worldview he also acknowledges that God may have revealed truth to other people throughout many cultures independently of the Bible and holds to the micro-evolutionary approach with God as the designer.

In response to this view I would agree that God in is Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omnipotence is possible of such actions and in deed creation stories throughout cultures do share a commonality and numerous cultures include a view of a global and universal flood. My only caution to such an individual is to not lose sight that only Christianity offers salvation where other religion’s offer judgment based on one’s deeds. Even in Christianity there are warnings against false Christians who claim to have faith but not deeds, do not practice forgiveness, compassion, love, or truly have a relationship or the inner dwelling of the Holy Spirit within them and Christ warns He will not Know such an individual on his return such individual will thus be subject to judgments as well.

How long are the days in Genesis 1?

The days represent eras or cycles in History.

How old is the earth and Life?

The earth/ universe are approximately 14 billion years old. Life developed in cycles at different periods throughout the history of earth.  Modern Man was created @50,000 years ago (Adam and Eve represent the ancestor of the first human beings). Other stories from other cultures also tell of the universe coming from light, global flooding and the like.

Did Man and Apes share a common Ancestor?

No Man came from Man created by God.

Were Adam and Eve real People?

Yes, although other cultures may have been created by God

In response to this statement I would disagree and state all Humans share two common ancestors, Adam and Eve and each race is the result of migration over time and is recorded in The Bible by the Story of the Tower of Babel and in numerous theories of anthropology.



Interview 3

The final friend interviewed believes in Biblical-Evolution. Although I support the idea of a large span of time I do not believe in the Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest or evolution from a single cell to monkey to human. To such an individual I would introduce the idea that survival of the fittest undermines the role of God in creation, introduces prejudice, supremacy and that genetic mutation only lead to weakness not strengthens in a species. Adaption for survival however I believe is part of God’s design and is evidence in humans by such variations as skin color or by variations as the beak size of Galapagos finches.

How long are the days in Genesis 1?

The days represent the various periods in earths development

How old is the earth and Life?

The earth/ universe are approximately 14 billion years old.

Did Man and Apes share a common Ancestor?

Yes, all life can be traced back to single cell organisms

Were Adam and Eve real People?



Although many theories exist on how the world and universe came to be and the age of the earth the ultimate answer comes down to be a matter of faith whether one is from a theological or scientific worldview on the subject. In the question on the relevance of the Book of Genesis it is my perspective that God is providing a theodicy more than a natural record and that as He is the narrator the days should be considered from his perspective. For those that question the existence of God I would ask one to prove how nothing can yield existence. Mathematically and scientifically this has been found to be unsound. One final argument I would like to raise is that fundamentalism from either side only leads to dissension. Truth thus lies in wisdom which can only be found in the commutation of Theology, science, observation and the data. Jesus Christ warned against legalism and fundamentalism when asked who would enter Heaven sarcastically he stated “For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:18, NIV, 1984).”  Furthermore, as the God’s ultimate Goal and desire is the reconciliation of his children through salvation and all individuals operate on unique cognitive processes in theory this may be why multiple explanations exist for creation so each individual can come to understand the world, universe self and ultimately God to be restored to the image and restored from death. True wisdom comes to those who seek but judgment is reserved to God alone.

In God, Christ and Spirit

Trenton Rindoks










Dewitt, D. A. (2012). History of Life. Lynchburg: Creation Curriculum LLC.

Elwell, W. A. (2001). Evangelical Dictionary of theology. Grand Rapids: Baker Books House Company.

NIV (Swindoll, Charles R ed.). (1984). Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publish House.




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