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The Authority of Christ

Three themes present in the sermons of Peter in Acts 2:5 identify the Authority of our Lord Jesus Christ: The bodily Resurrection and Ascension, The Exaltation and Providence and unstoppable – ability of God’s will over the will of man.

First, the bodily Resurrection and Ascension serves as prove that what the prophets foretold had happened. As stated by Polhill “ from Moses and from the time of Samuel onward The Resurrection and Ascension must come from One who was both fully Human and fully Divine. David still rests in Hades and thus, no human could serve as either a uniting king, conquer physical and spiritual death, and restore the separation from God that resulted from the sin of Adam and Eve or grant Salvation (Polhill 1992,2003).” One has to remember that the Prophets in the Old Testament served both the function of Judges, predictors of God’s future wrath and to warn of event that are will occur in the present age if one does not change their ways. Additionally In the section of the Major Prophets only 5% deal with the New Covenant, 1% deal with deal with events that will happen in our present era, 2% are Messianic in Nature the rest thus are event that occurred in history (Duvall and Hays 2012). Thus, all prophecy and signs have a relationship that are past, present and future in meaning.

God, The Father, being purely Holy divine & pure Holiness would destroy creation itself, as the father cannot look upon evil ( Hb 1:13) and the Holy Spirit being without human-form would not be able to fully experience or be an adequate sacrifice for the sins of the Humankind, thus only a Man-God would suffice.

Secondly, the Ascension and Exaltation of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Man-God serves the function to illustrate that during the second-coming Jesus Christ will return in the same manner in which he ascended. This is important to show that although Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecy humanity is not fully restored to the image of God, The Nation of Israel is not yet fully redeemed, and all people of all nations who are willing have yet to accept and profess the authority and name of Jesu Christ as the Lord and Savior! Additionally, evil is not fully contained as temptation remains as principalities, and the Prince of the Earth still are in direct opposition with the Kingdom of Heaven. However, Jesus did provide a means for Salvation through the establishment of a New Covenant for the whole of humanity and a formula for the resisting of temptation. Christ gave us a comforter, a source of Inspiration and protector. Heaven and Earth or the New Jerusalem is a future prediction that will not come to pass until Old Israel is restored to God, our Savior-King returns to set up his Earthly Kingdom and all face the day of the Lord. The most important aspect is that upon Ascension Jesus current sits at the right hand of the father a place of glory or hyper-exaltation. Jesus-Christ thus is the ruler over all creation Heaven and Earth and is with God or the same as God of the same substance, authority, power. Prominence and sovereignty.

Finally, Providence and unstoppable force of God’s will over the will of man is illuminated by Luke in (Acts 5: 38-39) when Peter states in reference to Theudas and the uprising that resulted in response to his teaching in comparison to the martyrdom of Stephen that if such activities are of human origins they will fail.  When such endeavors of God’s will succeed and one will only be fighting a losing battle against God’s purpose, authority sovereignty itself. Peter used such literary devices in (Acts 4:12 NIV) When he states “Salvation is found in no one else name under Heaven.”  In Acts 4:19-20 Peter and John reply when commanded not to keep teach, proclaim, performing miracles and such  under the Authority or in the Name of Jesus “Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges!  As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard (Acts 4: 19-20 HCSB).” The implication of the above verses taken from the various speeches before the Sanhedrin is will of God has ultimate providence over the will of man.  The authority of Christ is the same as that of the father himself, God Kingdom calling is global in perspective and not reserved to Jews and the nation of Israel. All who go against the will of God will face judgement and will fail. Any who act out of their own self-ambition, concept or desires will fail and are not serving God’s purpose. Unity, faith, suffering for the glory of God, Prayer repentance, grace and the availability of Salvation to all people will become the central themes of the Universal church. Additional subthemes include defense of the weak, compassion to all, commodity, not giving into the status quo (being like the Sadducees), and being overly concerned with the Law (Like the Pharisees). From thenceforth, Salvation must come from willful receiving the gift of Salvation of Grace deeds or faith alone are not sufficient. One must have both.  Also all gifts, signs and miracles are performed in the name and Authority of Jesus Christ in conjunction with faith and assisted by the Holy Spirit anything else would be considered a sin against God. When all three pint are considered, it demonstrates and illustrates the Authority of Jesus Christ as well as Providence Of & Will of God and the Unity and Sovereignty of the Trinity.

In God, Christ, & Spirit,

Trent Rindoks



Duvall, Scott J., and Daniel J. Hays. Grasping God’s Word. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2012.

Polhill, John B. The New American Commentary. Vol. 26. Nashville: BroadmenPress, B&H Publishing Group, 1992,2003.










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